41st EUROMICRO-SEAA 2015: Madeira, Portugal

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SPPI-1: Case Studies

SPPI-2: Testing and Evolution

ESE-1: Testing

ESE-2: Power Consumption

SM-1: Maintenance and Refactoring

SM-2: Empirical Studies

SM-3: Software Measurement

SPPI-3: Process Improvement

MOCS-1: Requirements and Use Cases

MOCS-2: Frameworks, Environments and Tools

SMSE-1: SMSE Session 1

SMSE-2: SMSE Session 2

MOCS-3: Architecture and System Optimisation

MOCS-4: Validation and Testing

MOCS-5: (Meta)Models and Model Transformations



SMSE-3: SMSE Session 3

SMSE-4: SMSE Session 4

EsPreSSE-1: Estimation and Prediction for Mobile Systems

EsPreSSE-2: Estimation and Prediction for Risk- and Model-Based Testing

SPLSeco-1: Software Ecosystems

SPLSeco-2: Software Product Lines

SM-4: Architecture, Business Process, and Risk Management

SPPI-4/DFTC: Agile Development

CPS / DFTC: Cyber-Physical Systems

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