39th EUROMICRO-SEAA 2013: Santander, Spain

Software Process and Product Improvement (SPPI)

SPPI-1: Lean and Agile Processes

SPPI-2: Improving Development Quality and Testing

SPPI-3: Applications of Process Improvement

SPPI-4: MesVAM (Measurement as a Strategy for Software Value Management

SPPI-5: Reuse and Evolution Processes

Model-Based Development, Components, and Services (MOCS)

MOCS-1: Model-Driven Development I

MOCS-2: Model-Driven Development II

MOCS-3: Model Analysis and Interpretation

MOCS-4: Architecture Evolution

MOCS-5: Architecture Modeling

Embedded Software Engineering (ESE)

ESE-1: Model-Based Development

ESE-2: Analysis and Programming

ESE-3: Requirements Engineering

ESE-4: Formal Methods

Software Management (SM)


SM-2: EsPreSSE: Estimation and Prediction in Software & Systems Engineering



Cloud Software

CS-1: Cloud Software

CS-2: Scientific Workflows in the Cloud

Workshop Session on Teaching, Education, and Training for Dependable Embedded and Cyberphysical Systems [ERCIM/ARTEMIS/EUROMICRO]



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