EUC Workshops 2005: Nagasaki, Japan

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The Second International Symposium on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Smart Worlds (UISW 2005)

Session 1: Smart Environments and Systems I

Session 2: Agent Based Smart Computing

Session 3: Smart Computing Environments

Session 4: Smart Environments and Systems II

Session 5: Smart Networking and Protocols I

Session 6: Smart Environments and Systems III

Session 7: Smart Computing

Session 8: Smart Objects

Session 9: Security and Fault Tolerance of Smart Systems I

Session 10: Smart Networking and Protocols II

Session 11: Security and Fault Tolerance of Smart Systems II

Session 12: Intelligent Computing

Session 13: Smart Environments and Systems IV

IFIP International Symposium on Network-Centric Ubiquitous Systems (NCUS 2005)

The First International Workshop on Security in Ubiquitous Computing Systems (SecUbiq 2005)

The 1st International Workshop on RFID and Ubiquitous Sensor Networks (USN 2005)

Session 1: RFID

Session 2: USN

The International Workshop on Trusted and Autonomic Ubiquitous and Embedded Systems (TAUES 2005)

Session 1: Autonomic Computing