17th EDOC Workshops 2013: Vancouver, BC, Canada

VORTE: The Eighth International Workshop on Vocabularies, Ontologies, and Rules for the Enterprise and Beyond

Session 1

Session 2

EVL-BP: The Sixth International Workshop on Evolutionary Business Processes

Session 1

Session 2

SoEA4EE: The Fifth Workshop on Service-Oriented Enterprise Architecture for Enterprise Engineering

Session 1: Goal and Motivation Driven Service Definition for Enterprise Engineering

Session 2: Decision Related Issues in Enterprise Engineering

Session 3: Service-Oriented Enterprise Architectures for Big Data in the Cloud

MRI-BP: The Fist International Workshop on Methodologies for Robustness Injection into Business Processes

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

3M4SE: The Fourth International Workshop on Models and Model-Driven Methods for Service Engineering

Session 1: Methods and Techniques

Session 2: Applications

MeDMoT: The First International Workshop on Methodical Development of Modeling Tools

Session 1

Session 2

TEAR: The Eigth Trends in Enterprise Architecture Research Workshop

Session 1: Enterprise Architecture Management

Session 2: Enterprise Architecture Management in Change

Session 3: Analysis and Evaluation of Enterprise Architecture

Session 4: Enterprise Architecture Modeling and Analysis

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