10th DEXA Workshop 1999: Florence, Italy

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W01: Parallel & Distributed Databases: Innovative Applications & New Architectures

Organizer: Harald Kosch

Multidatabase & Workflow Systems

Distribution Strategy & Communication Control

Application & Technology

Query Optimization & Parallelization

W02: Mobility in Databases & Distributed Systems (MDDS'99)

Organizer: Arkady B. Zaslavsky

Mobile Transaction Processing

Short Presentations

Mobile Data Access

Mobile Computing Perspectives - Discussion Panel

W03: Similarity Search (IWOSS'99)

Organizer: Fausto Rabitti

Keynote Address

Theory & New Techniques

Multimedia & New Data Types

Text & Heterogeneous Data

Searching in Metric Spaces

Classification Techniques

Query Methods

W04: Web-Based Information Visualization (WebVis'99)

Organizer: Harald Reiterer

Navigating the Web

Experimental Web Environments

User Interfaces Based on Web-Technology

W05: Workshop on the Requirements Engineering Process: Innovative Techniques, Models, Tools to Support the RE Process

Organizer: Colette Rolland

Reusing Requirements Engineering Processes

Modelling the Requirements Engineering Process

Evaluation & Feedback from RE Experiences

Ensuring the Quality of Requirements

REP Experience Reports from European Projects

Stakeholder Involvement & Cooperative Requirements Engineering

W06: Spatio-Temporal Data Models & Languages (STDML)

Organizer: Stefano Spaccapietra

Keynote Address

Case Studies & Benchmarking


Keynote Address

Poster Session 1

Application Analysis

Temporal Databases



Poster Session 2

W07: Document Analysis & Understanding for Document Databases (DAUDD'99)

Organizer: Simone Marinai

Document Modeling

Document Image Analysis

Document Classification

Document Indexing

Document Storage & Retrieval

W08: Information Technologies for Electronic Commerce: iTeC'99

Organizer: Wojciech Cellary

Infrastructure & Services

Agents & Communications

W09: Network-Based Information Systems (NBIS'99)

Organizer: Makoto Takizawa

WWW-Based Data Management

Network Systems

Algorithms & Protocols

W10: International Workshop on Internet Data Management (IDM'99)

Organizer: Sanjay Kumar Madria


Web Data Management

Web Site Management

Agent Technology