9th DEXA Workshop 1998: Vienna, Austria

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W01: Verification, Validation and Integrity Issues in Expert and Database Systems

Organizer: Frans Coenen

Invited Talk

Keynote Presentations

The Expert System View

The Database View


W02: Query Processing and Multimedia Issues in Distributed Systems (QPMIDS 1998)

Organizer: Freédéric Andres

Keynote Presentation

Multimedia Systems

Invited Talk

Document Management and Media Retrieval System Using Multimedia Database System

Active Hypermedia Delivery System

W03: Natural Language and Information Systems (NLIS'98)

Organizer: Werner Winiwarter

Invited Talk

Regular Papers

W04: Data Warehouse Design and OLAP Technology (DWDOT'98)

Organizer: Mukesh K. Mohania

Data Warehouse Design

Data Warehouse Maintenance

On-Line Analytical Processing

Data Mining

W05: Security and Integrity of Data Intensive Applications

Organizer: Günther Pernul

Organizational Security Issues

Implementation Aspects, Prototype Systems

Security for Structured Documents

Privacy, Workflow, Security Mediation

W06: Storage and Retrieval Issues in Image and Multimedia Databases

Organizer: Bala Srinivasan

W07: Mobility in Databases and Distributed Systems

Organizer: Arkady B. Zaslavsky


Mobile Database Systems

Transaction Management, Mobile Objects and Agents

W08: Network-Based Information Systems (NBIS'98)

Organizer: Makoto Takizawa

W09: Coordination Technologies for Information Systems (CTIS'98)

Organizer: George A. Papadopoulos

Invited Talk

Regular Papers

W10: Legal Information Systems

Organizers: Friedrich Lachmayer, Gerald Quirchmayr, Erich Schweighofer

W11: Business Process Reengineering and Supporting Technologies for Electronic Commerce

Organizer: Aphrodite Tsalgatidou

W12: Parallel Databases: Innovative Applications and New Architectures

Organizer: Harald Kosch

W13: Workflow Management (WFM'98)

Organizer: Johann Eder

W14: Large-Scale Software Composition

Organizers: Rudolf K. Keller, Bruno Lague, Reinhard Schauer

Setting the Stage

Component Modeling

Migration towards Components