ED&TC 1995: Paris, France

Session 1A: DSP and Multimedia

Session 1B: Mixed-Signal DFT

Session 1C: Exact Methods in Architectural Timing Optimization

Session 2A: Circuit Partitioning

Session 2C: Combinational Logic Synthesis

Session 3A: Designs and Tools for Analogue and Mixed Signal ICs

Session 3B: Memory Testing

Session 3C: Sequential Logic Synthesis

Session 4A: High Speed Telecom Design

Session 4B: System Synthesis

Session 4C: Advanced DFT Techniques

Session 5A: Digital and System Simulation

Session 5B: Code Generation

Session 5C: Sequential ATPG and Diagnosis

Session 6A: CAD Frameworks

Session 6C: Test Generation and Testability

Session 7A: Applications of Symbolic Traversal Techniques

Session 7B: Handling Physical Constraints in Architectural Synthesis

Session 7C: Self-Checking Approaches

Session 8A: Design Methodologies

Session 8B: Power and Delay Issues in Logic Synthesis

Session 8C: BIST Methodologies

Session 9A: New Developments in Logic Representation and Verification Techniques

Session 9C: Test Preparation for Mixed-Signal Systems

Session 10A: Hierarchical Layout

Session 10B: Modeling and Design of ASIPs

Session 10C: Delay Testing and Diagnosis

Session 11A: New Applications of Analogue Simulation Algorithms

Session 11B: Design Problems in Pipelines

Session 11C: IDDQ Testing

Poster Session

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