16. DASFAA Workshops 2011: Hong Kong, China

The 1st International Workshop on Graph-structured Data Bases (GDB 2011)

Invited Talk



The First International Workshop on Spatial Information Modeling, Management and Mining (SIM3)

Spatial Data Management: Compression, Storage and Query

Spatial Planning, Visualization, Mining and System

The First International Workshop on Flash-Based Database Systems (FlashDB)

Storage Management for SSD

Invited Talk I

Regular Papers

Energy Efficiency & Hybrid Storage

Invited Talk II

Invited Talk III

Regular Papers

The 2nd International Workshop on Social Networks and Social Media Mining on the Web (SNSMW)

Social Networking and Community Structure

Social Media and Data Mining

The First International Workshop on Data Management for Emerging Network Infrastructures (DaMEN)

Invited Talk

Query and Stream Processing

Storage and Scheduling

Fourth International Workshop on Data Quality in Integration Systems (DQIS)

Invited Talk

Invited Paper

Regular Papers

Invited Paper

Regular Papers

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