CSIE 2009: Los Angeles, California, USA - Volume 4

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Data Integration, Interoperability, and Metada

Data Mining in Financial Engineering

Data Preprocessing and Data Cleaning

Data Privacy and Security

Data Storage

Data Structures and Data Management Algorithms

Data Visualization and Exploration

Data Warehousing and OLAP

Databases Applications

Feature Selection and Extraction

Image and Multi-media Data Mining

Information Fusion

Intelligent Techniques for Data Mining

Other Topics in Data Engineering

Other Topics in Data Mining

Query Processing and Query Optimization

Real-Time Data Mining

Statistical Foundations for Data Mining

Systems, Platforms, and Middleware

Temporal and Multimedia Databases

Text and Web Mining

Time-Series and Sequential Data Mining

Ubiquitous Data Management and Mobile Databases

XML Data Processing and Algorithms

Intelligent Systems Symposium

Agent Systems

Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence