International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING)

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      29th COLING 2022: Gyeongju, Korea

      28th COLING 2020: Barcelona, Spain (Online)

      27th COLING 2018: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

      26th COLING 2016: Osaka, Japan

      25th COLING 2014: Dublin, Ireland

      24th COLING 2012: Mumbai, India

      23rd COLING 2010: Beijing, China

      22nd COLING 2008: Manchster, UK

      21st COLING 2006 / 44th ACL 2006: Sydney, NSW, Australia

      20th COLING 2004: Geneva, Switzerland

      19th COLING 2002: Taipei, Taiwan

      18th COLING 2000: Saarbrücken, Germany

      17th COLING / 36th ACL 1998: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

      16th COLING 1996: Copenhagen, Denmark

      15th COLING 1994: Kyoto, Japan

      14th COLING 1992: Nantes, France

      13th COLING 1990: Helsinki, Finland

      12th COLING 1988: Budapest, Hungary

      11th COLING 1986: Bonn, Germany

      10th COLING 1984: Stanford University, USA

      9th COLING 1982: Prague, Czechoslovakia

      8th COLING 1980: Tokyo, Japan

      7th COLING 1978: Bergen, Norway

      6th COLING 1976: Ottawa, Canada

      5th COLING 1973: Pisa, Italy

      4th COLING 1971: Debrecen, Hungary

      3rd COLING 1969: Stockholm, Sweden

      2nd COLING 1967: Grenoble, France

      1st COLING 1965: New York, NY, USA

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