CIMCA/IAWTIC/ISE 2008: Vienna, Austria

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Intelligent Web Applications and Information Systems

Data Mining Knowledge Discovery and Decision Making

Advances in Software Engineering

Innovation in Software Engineering, Project Management and Software Quality

Intelligent Agents, Ontology and Web Applications

Virtual Reality, Games (Encryption and Security E-Commerce Applications)

Software Testing, System Development, and System Quality Assurance

Advanced Image Processing and Image Understanding Techniques

Advances in Modelling, Prediction and Control

Fault Diagnostics, Intelligent Modelling and Control

Advanced Image and Video Coding and Image Understanding Techniques

Information Systems, Web Technologies and Semantic Web

Software Development, System Quality Assurance and Reliability

Innovative Software Development

Fuzzy Systems for Industrial Automation

Innovative Modelling, Analysis and Control Strategies

Advanced Neural Networks Applications

Clustering, Classification, Data Mining and Risk Analysis

Agent Systems: Theory and Applications

Innovations in Software Development, Workflow Engines and Advanced Systems Analysis

Advance Control Strategies for Parallel and Dynamic Systems

Intelligent Control, Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Systems with Applications to Robotic Systems

Robotics and Automation

Fuzzy Logic, Hybrid Systems for Modelling, Control and Optimization

Software Engineering

Scheduling Systems for Modelling, Control and Optimization

Neural Networks and Advanced Control Strategies