CIMCA/IAWTIC 2006: Sydney, Australia

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Hybrid Systems

Data Mining Knowledge Discovery and Decision Making

Intelligent Systems for Modelling and Prediction

Web Technologies and Web Services

Intelligent Agents and Ontologies

Virtual Reality, Games (Encryption and Security e-Commerce Applications)

Advanced Image Processing and Image Understanding Techniques

Adaptive Control and Automation

Modelling, Prediction and Control

Multi-Agent Systems and Computational Intelligence

Advanced Image Processing and Image Understanding Techniques

Agents Systems, Personal Assistant Agents and Profiling

Modelling, Prediction and Automation

Fuzzy Systems for Industrial Automation

Innovative Modeling, Analysis and Control Strategies

Neural Networks Applications

Clustering, Classification, Data Mining and Risk Analysis

Agents systems: theory and applications

Advance Control Strategies for Dynamics Systems

Innovative Control Systems, Hardware Design and Implementation

Robotics and Automation

Hybrid Systems for Modelling, Control and Optimization

E-Business, E-Commerce, Databases and Innovative Web Applications

Agents Systems, Personal Assistant and Web Databases

Neural Networks and Advanced Control Strategies

Diagnosis and Medical Applications