25. CAiSE 2013: Valencia, Spain - BPMDS / EMMSAD

BPMDS and EMMSAD Session 1: Joint Keynote

BPMDS Session 2: Innovative Representations for Knowledge-Intensive Processes

BPMDS Session 3: BPM in Practice

BPMDS Session 4: Analysis of Business Process Models

BPMDS Session 5: Model-Based Business Process Analysis

BPMDS Session 6: Flexible BPM

BPMDS Session 7: Improvement and Change Patterns

BPMDS Session 8: Process Model Repositories

EMMSAD Session 2: Advanced Modelling

EMMSAD Session 3: Capturing Design Knowledge

EMMSAD Session 4: Method Engineering

EMMSAD Session 5: Modelling Process

EMMSAD Session 6: Specialized Modelling

EMMSAD Session 7: Modelling Experiences

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