International Baltic Conference on Databases and Information Systems (DB&IS)

International Baltic Workshop on Databases and Information Systems (BalticDB&IS)

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      DB&IS 2022: Riga, Latvia

      DB&IS 2020: Tallinn, Estonia

      DB&IS 2018: Trakai, Lithuania

      DB&IS 2016: Riga, Latvia

      DB&IS 2014: Tallinn, Estonia

      DB&IS 2012: Vilnius, Lithuania

      DB&IS 2010: Riga, Latviaa

      DB&IS 2008: Tallinn, Estonia

      DB&IS 2006: Vilnius, Lithuania

      BalticDB&IS 2004: Riga, Latvia

      BalticDB&IS 2002: Tallinn, Estonia

      BalticDB&IS 2000: Vilnius, Lithuania

      BalticDB&IS 1998: Riga, Latvia

      BalticDB&IS 1996: Tallinn, Estonia

      BalticDB&IS 1994: Trakai

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