8th ASONAM 2016: San Francisco, CA, USA

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1: Best Papers

2A: Graphs

2B: Communities

2C: Politics, Unrest

3A: Sampling and Streaming

3B: Social Networks

3C: Adversarial/Trust 1

4A: Algorithmic methods

4B: Information Sharing

4C: Spatial

5A: Machine learning methods

5B: Communities 2

5C: Applications

6A: Recommender sys.

6B: Social Media 1

6C: New Directions

7A: Markets

7B: Social media 2

7C: Adversarial/Trust 2

ASONAM 2016 Industrial Track Session 1: Knowledge from social and mobile media

ASONAM 2016 Industrial Track Session 2: Network, community, and cascades

ASONAM 2016 - Multidisciplinary Track S1: Applications of network analysis and social media analysis

ASONAM 2016 - Multidisciplinary Track S2: Network Analysis and applications to information and Knowledge

ASONAM 2016 - Multidisciplinary Track S3: Models and Methods for social media analysis