Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation (AISC)

13th AISC 2018: Suzhou, China

12th AISC 2014: Seville, Spain

11th AISC / 11th MKM / 19th Calculemus 2012: Bremen, Germany

10th AISC / 9th MKM / 17th Calculemus 2010: Paris, France

9th AISC / 7th MKM / 15th Calculemus 2008: Birmingham, UK

8th AISC 2006: Beijing, China

7th AISC 2004: Linz, Austria

6th AISC 2002: Marseille, France

5th AISC 2000: Madrid, Spain

4th AISC 1998: Plattsburgh, New York, USA

3rd AISMC 1996: Steyr, Austria

2nd AISMC 1994: Cambridge, UK

1st AISMC 1992: Karlsruhe, Germany

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