21st AINA 2007: Niagara Falls, Canada

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Keynote Speeches

Session 1A: Ad-Hoc Networks

Session 1B: Web Services and Applications

Session 1C: Network Security and Trustworthy Systems

Session 1D: P2P Computing

Session 2A: Scalable Computing

Session 2B: Agent-Based Computing

Session 2C: Distributed Algorithms

Session 2D: Distributed Data Management

Session 3A: Wireless Sensor Networks I

Session 3B: Autonomic Computing and Systems

Session 3C: Innovative Networking

Session 3D: Multimedia Systems and Protocols

Session 4A: Distributed Data Processing

Session 4B: Mobile Systems and Applications

Session 4C: Ubiquitous Computing and Systems

Session 4D: Security and Intrusion Detection

Session 5A: Mobile Networks

Session 5B: Ubiquitous Networking

Session 5C: Security and Authentication

Session 5D: Wireless Sensor Networks II

Session 6A: Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks

Session 6B: Group Communication Systems

Session 6C: Mobile QoS Management

Session 6D: Pervasive Computing and Systems

Session 7A: Wireless Sensor Networks III

Session 7B: Dependable Computing

Session 7C: Innovative Systems and Applications

Session 7D: Multimedia Modeling and Applications

Session 8A: Internet and Web Computing Systems

Session 8B: Network Control and Performance Evaluation

Session 8C: Communication Technology

Session 8D: Intelligent and Semantic Computing

Session 9A: Wireless Sensor Networks IV

Session 9B: High-Performance Computing

Session 9C: Communication Protocols and Analysis

Session 9D: Web-Based Computing

Session 10A: Fault Tolerance Networks

Session 10B: Grid Computing