AFIPS NCC 1977: Dallas, Texas, USA

Data base administration

Computer systems architecture

Computer security techniques

Computer graphics

Clinical applications of the computer

Data models and their applications

Computer security risk assessment

Computer-based information systems for the small firm

Self-organizing/self-optimizing data bases

Selection methods for a family of computer architectures

Microprocessor architectures

Software management---planning for a new software development project

Computer systems in health care delivery and medical laboratories

Advanced concepts in data base management

Education for medical information science

Computer hardware design

Output---results and rhetoric

Data structures

Man-machine interface

Computer technology in the information/library field

Applications of computer networks

Computer systems---a global view

Continuing education for the computer specialist

Personal computing---history and foreseeable future

Data base structure and organization

Software validation

Communication and education

Data base applications

International networks and packet-switching

Programming languages---high-level programming for low-level machines

Cm*---a multi-microprocessor computer system

Programming language theory

Architecture for data base management

Fault-tolerant computing---I

Remote terminal emulation

Software for users and managers

ADP acquisitions---contracting, financing, investing, third-party maintenance

Application of diverse technology and its relation to OCR systems

Text processing systems

Fault-tolerant computing II

Performance evaluation

Discrete mathematical models

Data base---extensions and applications

Applications of computer systems

Information systems---performance oriented design and evaluation

Computer architecture design

Special memory architectures

The computer in management and business

Simulation methods

Personal computing systems

Trends in computer stores

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