Advanced Courses (AC)

Bidirectional Transformations 2016: Oxford, UK

Domain Modeling and the Duration Calculus 2007: Shanghai, China

Advanced Studies in Biometrics 2003

Advanced Lectures on Machine Learning 2003

Lectures on Concurrency and Petri Nets 2003: Eichstätt, Germany

Generic Programming

Computational Discrete Mathematics

Machine Learning and Its Applications 2001

APPSEM 2000: Caminha, Portugal

Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science 2000

Advances in Distributed Systems 1999

Lectures on Data Security 1998

Computer Security and Industrial Cryptograph 1997

The Data Parallel Programming Model 1996

Petri Nets 1996

Mobile Communications 1994

Term Rewriting 1993

Analysis of Dynamical and Cognitive Systems 1993

Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence 1992

Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence 1987: Oslo, Norway

Software Reliability Modelling and Identification 1987

Petri Nets 1986

Embedded Systems 1986

Future Parallel Computers 1986

Mathematical Models for the Semantics of Parallelism 1986

Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence 1985

Distributed Systems 1984

Method and tools for compiler construction 1983

Local Area Networks 1983

Microcomputer System Design 1981: Dublin, Ireland

Distributed Systems 1980

Abstract Software Specifications 1979: Copenhagen, Denmark

Operating Systems 1978

Komplexität von Entscheidungsproblemen 1976

Compiler Construction 1976

Language Hierarchies and Interfaces 1975: Marktoberdorf, Germany

Net Theory and Applications 1975

Software Engineering 1972

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