10. ARES 2015: Toulouse, France

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ARES Full Papers

Full Papers ARES Full I: Best Paper Session

ARES Full II: Identity and Privacy

ARES Full III: Networks and Protocols

ARES Full IV: Software Security

ARES Full V: Mobile Security and Cyber Physical Systems

ARES Full VI: Security Management

ARES Short Papers

Short Papers ARES Short I: Network and Probing

ARES Short II: Hardware and Physical Layer Security

ARES Short III: Social Networks, Voting and Usable Security

The 10th International Workshop on Frontiers in Availability, Reliability and Security: FARES 2015

FARES I: Monitoring and Identification

FARES II: Cryptography and Resilience

The Eighth International Workshop on Digital Forensics: WSDF 2015

The Fourth International Workshop on Security of Mobile Applications: IWSMA 2015

IWSMA 2015 IWSMA I: Android Security

IWSMA II: Networks Security

International Workshop on Cyber Crime: IWCC 2015

IWCC I: Cyber Crime Techniques and Prevention

IWCC II: Cyber Crime Techniques and Prevention

IWCC III: Information Hiding I

IWCC IV: Information Hiding II

The Second International Workshop on Software Assurance: SAW 2015

SAW I: Security Design and Validation

SAW II: Software Testing and Assurance

The First International Workshop on Agile Secure Software Development: ASSD 2015

ASSD I: Experiences in Agile Development of Secure software

ASSD II: Assessment of Research on Agile Development of Secure software

The International Workshop on Cloud Security and Forensics: WCSF 2015

International Workshop on Multimedia Forensics and Security: MFSec 2015

MFSec I: Web and Social Media Data Analytics for Privacy Awareness and terrorist-related Content identification

MFSec II: Forensic Analysis of Audiovisual data

Workshop on Security and Privacy in Cloud-Based Applications: Au2EU 2015

The First International Workshop on Future Scenarios for Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism: FCCT 2015

The First International Workshop on Security Testing and Monitoring: STAM 2015

STAM I: Security Testing and Monitoring Solutions

STAM II: Security in Virtualized and Cloud Environments

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