4th ACIS-ICIS 2005: Jeju Island, South Korea

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Keynote Address

1 A: Knowledge Discovery, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms

1B: Software Engineering and Information Engineering

1C: Data Mining, Data WarehoUsing and Databases

1D: Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

2A: Communications Systems and Networks

2B: Software Engineering and Information Engineering II

2C: Internet Technology and Applications, e-Commerce

2D: Middleware Architectures and Techniques

3A: Software Architectures and Frameworks

3B: Parallel/Distributed Computing and Systems, Computer Architecture

3C: Software Metrics and Management, Technology Education and Training

3D: Information Management Systems and Management Information Systems

4A: Control Systems, Intelligent Systems, Middleware Architectures and Techniques II

4B: Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Database, Middleware Architectures and Techniques III

4C: Image, Acoustic, Speech and Signal Processing

4D: Software Testing and Tools

5A: Mobile/Wireless Computing

5B: Web Engineering, Web Applications and Web Services

5C: Image Processing and Pattern Recognition II

5D: Middleware Architectures and Techniques IV

6A: Communication Systems and Networks II

6B: Visual and Multimedia Computing

6C: Mobile/Wireless Computing II

6D: Intelligent Agent Technology and Agent Based Systems