10. 3PGCIC 2015: Krakow, Poland

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3PGCIC 2015

Session 1: Cloud and Grid Computing Systems

Session 2: P2P and eLearning Systems

Session 3: Big Data, Parallel Algorithms and Applications

Session 4: Mobile Computing and Social Networking

Session 5: Scheduling and Resource Management in Cloud and Grid Computing

Session 6: High Performance and Scalable Computing

Session 7: Distributed Computing

Session 8: Next Generation Systems for Mobile and Cloud Computing (Special Track)

Session 9: High Performance Algorithms and Applications

Session 10: BioInspired Computing and eHealth Applications

Session 11: Security and Authentication Algorithms

Session 12: Data Storage and Software Security

Session 13: Data Encryption and Privacy

BIDS 2015 Workshop

Session 1: Decision Support and Services

CADSA 2015 Workshop

Session 1: Cloud Computing Applications

Session 2: Distributed Computing for Smart Cities

Session 3: Technologies for Distributed Applications

CIDM 2015 Workshop

Session 1: Techniques for Disaster Management and Threat Detection

DEM 2015 Workshop

Session 1: Distributed Embedded Software and Hardware

MWVRTA 2015 Workshop

Session 1: Multimedia Systems and Applications

SecureSysComm 2015 Workshop

Session 1: Security in Cloud, Systems and Communication Networks

Session 2: Cyber-Physical Threats, Countermeasures and Security Tools

SMDMS 2015 Workshop

Session 1: Stream Media Delivery and Management Systems