Ullman: Principles of Database and Knowledge-Base Systems

1. Databases, Object Bases, and Knowledge Bases
2. Data Models for Database Systems
3. Logic as a Data Model
4. Relational Query Languages
5. Object-Oriented Database Languages
6. Physical Data Organization
7. Design Theory for Relational Databases
8. Protecting the Database Against Misuse
9. Transaction Management
10. Distributed Database Management

11. Query Optimization for Database Systems
12. More About Logic
13. Combining Top-Down and Bottom-Up Logic Evaluation
14. Optimization for Conjunctive Queries
15. Optimization of Linear Recursions
16. Some Experimental Knowledge-Base Systems
17. The Universal Relation as a User Interface

Volume 1

Bibliography for Volumes 1 and 2 / "References by" for Volume 2

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