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Technical Reports from
The Distributed Object Computing Group
GTE Laboratories Incorporated
40 Sylvan Road
Waltham, Massachusetts 02254, USA

On June 30, 2000 GTE Corporation and Bell Atlantic Corporation merged to form Verizon Communications. At that time GTE Laboratories was merged into the Bell Atlantic Technology Organization to form Verizon Laboratories.

The Distributed Object Computing Group existed in GTE Laboratories from fall 1987 until the fall of 1995. For most of that time the group was headed by Dr. Michael L. Brodie with principal researchers: Frank Manola, Sandra Heiler, Dimitrios Georgakopoulos, Alejandro P. Buchmann, Gail Mitchell, and Jennifer L. Welch. Visiting scientists included Peter C. Lockemann, Cris Pedregal Martin, M. Tamer Özsu, Ole J. Anfindsen, and Daniel Rios-Zertuche. The experimental researchers included Dinesh K. Desai, Mark F. Hornick, Benjamin Hurwitz, Piotr Krychniak, Joe D. Morrison, Emon Mortazavi, Farshad Nayeri, and Vivek Virmani with part time members Jintae Lee, Himanshu Sinha, Eric Wiseblatt, and Kay Chang.

The primary focus of the Distributed Object Computing Group within GTE Laboratories was the Distributed Object Management (DOM) project. The DOM project conducted research into object-oriented technology for integrating heterogeneous, autonomous, distributed (HAD) computer systems/resources. Major research areas included: interoperable object models; interoperable, distributed object architectures; heterogeneous, extended transaction models; and information requests in HAD environments. The group experimented in these areas using the prototype DOM system that it developed over five years. This technology was based on ideas from a number of technical areas including distributed, object-oriented, databases, multi-database systems, operating systems, and programming languages.

The following technical reports (TR) were produced by the DOM group. References are given for those that have been published and the TR designation has been removed. Some reports are marked as [not available], the remainder have not been published other than as GTE Technical Reports and are available in the ACM SIGMOD Anthology.






Michael L. Brodie, Michael Stonebraker: DARWIN: On the Incremental Migration of Legacy Information Systems. DOM Technical Report, TR-0222-10-92-165, GTE Laboratories Inc., March 1993. Early version of
Peter C. Lockemann: Aggregate Behavior of Loosely Coupled Objects: Architectural Principle for Heterogeneous and Distributed Systems. GTE Laboratories Inc., TC-0218-11-93-165, November 1993 [not available]
Frank Manola: The Need for Object Model Interoperability. Workshop Report, Workshop on Application Integration Architectures, Dallas, Texas, February 1993
Gail Mitchell: Extensible Query Processing in an Object-Oriented Database. PhD Thesis, Brown University Technical Report No. CS-93-16, May 1993. Available in hard copy from Brown University, Computer Science Department, and postscript format via anonymous ftp from as file techreports/93/
Farshad Nayeri: Addressing Component Interoperability in the OMG Object Model. position paper submitted to ORB Implementors' Workshop, San Francisco, June 1993
Vincent Ventrone, Sandra Heiler: Some Practical Advice for Dealing with Semantic Heterogeneity in Federated Database Systems. Submitted to USENIX


Michael L. Brodie, John Mylopoulos: Artificial Intelligence and Databases: Dawn, Midday, or Sunset? Canadian Information Processing /Informatique Canadienne, July/August 1992
Michael L. Brodie, Stefano Ceri: On Intelligent and Cooperative Information Systems. International Journal of Intelligent and Cooperative Information Systems 1, 2 September 1992
Dimitrios Georgakopoulos: A Framework for Dynamic Specification of Extended Multidatabase Transactions and Interdatabase Dependencies. Proceedings of Third Workshop on Heterogeneous Databases and Semantic Interoperability, Boulder, February 1992
Dimitrios Georgakopoulos, Mark F. Hornick: An Environment for the Specification and Management of Extended Transactions and Workflows in DOMS. TR-0218-09-92-165, GTE Laboratories Inc., October 1992 [not available]


Michael L. Brodie: Distributed Object Management Research. Proceedings of the Second Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture (TINA) Workshop, pp. 297-303, Chantilly, France, March 1991
Michael L. Brodie, Mark F. Hornick: An Interoperability Development Environment For Intelligent Information Systems. Proceedings of the International Workshop on the Development of Intelligent Information Systems, Niagara-on-the-Lake, April 1991
Sandra Heiler: Extended Data Type Support in Distributed DBMS Products: A Technology Assessment and Forecast. TR-170-12-91-165. GTE Laboratories Incorporated, December 1991. [Not available]


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Frank Manola: Object-Oriented Knowledge Bases. AI Expert, 5(3), 5(4), March and April 1990
Frank Manola, Alejandro P. Buchmann: A Functional/Relational Object-Oriented Model for Distributed Object Management: Preliminary Description. TM-0331-11-90-165. GTE Laboratories Incorporated, December 1990. [Not available]
Rusinkiewicz, M., D. Georgakopoulos, and R. Thomas, "RDS: A Primitive for the Maintenance of Replicated Data Objects," Proceedings of Second IEEE Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing, Dallas, pp. 658-667, December 1990
also appeared as
Daniel Rios-Zertuche, Alejandro P. Buchmann: Execution Models for Active Database Systems: A Comparison. TM-0238-01-90-165, GTE Laboratories Incorporated, January 1990 [not available]


Michael L. Brodie, John Mylopoulos: Future Intelligent Information Systems: AI and Database Technologies Working Together. in M. Brodie, J. Mylopoulos, (eds. and contributors), Readings in Artificial Intelligence and Databases, Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo, CA, 1989
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Frank Manola: An Evaluation of Object-Oriented DBMS Developments. TR-0066-10-89-165, GTE Laboratories Incorporated, October 1989. [Not available; superceded by [MANO94a]]
Jennifer L. Welch, A. Prasad Sistla: Object-Based Concurrency Control and Recovery Mechanisms. TM-0150-06-89-165, GTE Laboratories Incorporated, June 1989. [Not available]




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