Symposium/Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Semantic-Based Program Manipulation (PEPM)

PEPM 2017: Paris, France

(colocated with POPL 2017)

PEPM 2016: St. Petersburg, FL, USA

(colocated with POPL 2016)

PEPM 2015: Mumbai, India

(colocated with POPL 2015)

PEPM 2014: San Diego, CA, USA

(colocated with POPL 2014)

PEPM 2013: Rome, Italy

(colocated with POPL 2013)

PEPM 2012: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

(colocated with POPL 2012)

PEPM 2011: Austin, TX, USA

(colocated with POPL 2011)

PEPM 2010: Madrid, Spain

PEPM 2009: Savannah, GA, USA

PEPM 2008: San Francisco, California, USA

PEPM 2007: Nice, France

PEPM 2006: Charleston, South Carolina, USA

PEPM 2004: Verona, Italy

PEPM 2003: San Diego, California, USA

ASIA-PEPM 2002: Aizu, Japan

Sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN, supported by The University of Aizu.

PEPM 2002: Portland, OR, USA

PEPM 2002 Home Page

SIGPLAN Notices 37(3), March 2002

PEPM 2000: Boston, MA, USA

SIGPLAN Notices 34(11), November 1999

PEPM 1999: San Antonio, Texas, USA

PEPM 1997: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

SIGPLAN Notices 32(12), December 1997

PEPM 1995: La Jolla, California, USA

PEPM 1994: Orlando, Florida, USA

PEPM'94 page at CMU

PEPM 1993: Copenhagen, Denmark

PEPM 1992: San Francisco, California, USA

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PEPM 1991: Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

SIGPLAN Notices 26(9), September 1991

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