MASCOTS 1996: San Jose, California, USA

MASCOTS '96, Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation On Computer and Telecommunication Systems, February 1-3, 1996, San Jose, California, USA. IEEE Computer Society, 1996, ISBN 0-8186-7235-8

Invited Session

Session 1A: Networks I

Session 1B: Instrumentation and Trace

Session 2A: Distributed Systems I

Session 2B: Performance Modeling I

Session 3A: Parallel Systems I

Session 3B: Network Simulation

Session 4A: Networks II

Session 4B: Workloads and Benchmarks

Session 5A: Parallel Simulation I

Session 5B: TOOL - Performance Analysis

Invited Session

Session 6A: Distributed Systems II

Session 6B: TOOL - Networks and Parallel Systems

Invited Session

Session 7A: Parallel Systems II

Session 7B: Performance Modeling II