16. IJCAI 1999: Stockholm, Sweden


Automated Reasoning

Theorem Proving

Nonmonotonic Reasoning 1

Nonmonotonic Reasoning 2

Nonmonotonic Reasoning 3: Model Checking Methods

Description Logics 1

Description Logics 2

Semantics and Models

Reasoning about Action 1

Reasoning about Action 2

Belief Revision

Resource-Bounded Reasoning

Case-Based Reasoning

Case-Based Reasoning 1

Case-Based Reasoning 2

Challenge Papers

Challenge Papers 1

Challenge Papers 2: Propositional Reasoning and Search

Challenge Papers 3: Propositional Reasoning and Search / Planning

Challenge Papers 4: Bridging Plan Synthesis Paradigms

Cognitive Modeling

Cognitive Modeling 1

Cognitive Modeling 2

Cognitive Modeling 3: Spatial Reasoning

Constraint Satisfaction

Constraint Satisfaction 1

Constraint Satisfaction 2

Constraint Satisfaction 3

Constraint Satisfaction 4

Distributed AI

Multi-Agent Systems 1

Multi-Agent Systems 2

Economic Models 1

Economic Models 2: Auctions

Computer Game Playing

Game Playing 1

Game Playing 2

Knowledge-Based Applications

Applications 1

Applications 2

Applications 3


Machine Learning

Learning for Information Retrieval 1

Learning for Information Retrieval 2

Classification Learning 1

Classification Learning 2: Support Vector Machines

Reinforcement Learning 1

Reinforcement Learning 2: Applications

Automated Discovery

Data Mining

Neural Networks 1

Neural Networks 2

Hybrid systems: Neural and Symbolic Processing

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing 1

Natural Language Processing 2

Natural Language Processing 3: Learning

Natural Language Processing 4: Information Retrieval

Planning and Scheduling

Planning 1

Planning 2: Exploiting Domain Structure

Planning 3: Disjunctive Planning

Planning 4: Uncertainty and Time Constraints


Qualitative Reasoning and Diagnosis

Qualitative Reasoning 1

Qualitative Reasoning 2: Spatial Reasoning

Diagnosis 1

Diagnosis 2

Robotics and Perception

Robotics and Perception 1

Robotics and Perception 2

Robotics and Perception 3


Search 1

Search 2

Genetic Algorithms

Software Agents

Temporal Reasoning

Uncertainty and Probabilistic Reasoning

Decision-Theoretic Applications to Controlling Computation

Probabilistic Reasoning and Learning

Markov Decision Processes 1

Markov Decision Processes 2

Solving Control Problems

Alternative Uncertainty Formalisms

Invited Speakers


Computers and Thought Award

Research Excellence Award