IIH-MSP 2007: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Volume I

Novel Approaches to Multimedia Applications

Intelligent Systems for Image and Signal Processing

Computation Intelligence for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

Recent Advances in Multimedia Coding and Retrieval: Algorithms and Applications

Networking and Information Security

Digital Watermarking and Multimedia Security

Computer Graphics

Multimedia Coding

Intelligent Watermark Hiding and Digital Image Processing

Intelligent Watermarking Techniques, Image Authentication and Visual Cryptography

Network-aware Multimedia: QoS and Security

Intelligent Surveillance and Pattern Recognition

Intelligent Information Processing and Multimedia Services for Digital Home

Volume II

Techniques and Algorithms for Multimedia Security

Wired and Wireless Multimedia Networking and Applications

Digital Forensics and Data Hiding Discovery

Soft Computing and Intelligent System

Biomedical Engineering

Advanced Data Hiding and Coding Techniques for Audio Signals

Web Intelligence and Computational Intelligence

Software and Hardware Designs of Multimedia Networking Embedded Systems