ICIP 2006: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Source/Channel Coding

Video Coding - I

Biomedical Image Segmentation

Steganography and Steganalysis

Content Summarization and Clustering

Scalable Video Coding

Active-Contour Diffusion and Level-Set-Based Methods

Distributed Image and Video Coding - I

Fingerprint and Iris Analysis

Image Registration/Alignment and Mosaicking

Image Representation, Rendering, Display, and Assesment

Perceptual Modeling

Image/Video Processing Applications: Systems and Applications

Stereoscopic and 3-D Coding

Visual Tracking

Distributed Image and Video Coding - II

Deblurring and Image Restoration

Face/Facial Expression Detection and Recognition

Interpolation and Inpainting

Network-Aware Multimedia Processing and Communications

Edge Detection and Image Segmentation

Error Resilience


Biomedical Image Reconstruction

Machine Learning for Image and Video Classification