ICASSP 2011: Prague, Czech Republic

Acoustic Source Separation I

Music Signal Processing I

Spatial and Multichannel Signal Processing

Echo Cancellation

Microphone Array Signal Processing

Loudspeaker and Microphone Array Signal Processing

Music Signal Processing II

Acoustic Source Separation II

Acoustic Source Separation and Noise Reduction

Acoustic System Modelling and Hearing Aids

Audio Signal Processing

Music Signal Processing III

Acoustic Signal Processing

Sound Reproduction, Synthesis, and Classification

Audio Coding and Analysis

Biosignal Estimation and Classification

Medical Imaging II

Biosignal Processing

Bioinformatics and Biosignals

Processing of Physiological Signals I

Signal Processing in Health Monitoring

Medical Imaging I

Processing of Physiological Signals II

Image Coding

Video Coding II

Stereoscopic and 3-D Coding

Image and Video Indexing and Retrieval

Stereo and 3-D Processing

Video Analysis and Processing