ICASSP 2007: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA - Volume 1

Spatial Audio Analysis, Coding, and Synthesis

Microphone Arrays and Source Separation

Music Analysis, Separation, and Transcription

Echo Cancellation and Active Noise Control

Source Localization and Separation

Spatial Audio and Signal Enhancement

Content-Based Audio Processing and Music Information Retrieval

Audio Coding and Modeling

Biomedical Imaging I

Biomedical Signal Processing I


Biomedical Signal Processing II

Biomedical Imaging II

3-D Imaging

Biometrics I

Distributed Source Coding

Remote Sensing and Seismic Imaging


Image Denoising

Image Segmentation I

Feature Extraction and Analysis I

Advanced Video Coding

Motion Analysis

Image Restoration and Enhancement

Video Restoration and Super-Resolution

Modeling of Images and Video

Image and Video Transmission

Image Formation, Sampling, Display and Quality

Object Tracking in Video

Indexing of Images and Video