35. HICSS 2002: Big Island, Hawaii, USA

35th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-35 2002), CD-ROM / Abstracts Proceedings, 7-10 January 2002, Big Island, HI, USA. IEEE Computer Society, 2002 - Track 8

Community Informatics (OSCIN)

Competitive Strategy and Information Systems (OSCSI)

Creativity in Information Systems (OSCIS)

Data Warehouse (OSDWH)

ERP Systems Issues and Answers (OSERP)

Information Systems in Global Business (OSGLO)

Information Systems, Outsourcing and Application Service Provision (OSASP)

Integrating IT into the Business: Contributions, Value, and Measurement (OSCVM)

IT Governance and Its Mechanisms (OSITG)

Moving the Organization to Convergent Technologies (OSMOC)

Professional Ethics in Information Systems (OSPEI)

Project Management (OSPMT)

Research Methods and Applications (OSRMA)

Technology Management in the Knowledge-Based Economy (OSKBE)

Topics in Organizational Systems and Technology (OSOST)

Trends in Outsourcing of Information Systems (OSTOI)

Virtual Work Environments (OSVWE)