Engineering Federated Information (Database) Systems (EFIS/EFDBS)

EFIS 2003: Coventry, UK


EFIS 2003 Home Page

EFIS 2001: Berlin, Germany

Ralf-Detlef Kutsche, Stefan Conrad, Wilhelm Hasselbring (Eds.): Engineering Federated Information Systems, Proceedings of the 4th Workshop EFIS 2001, October 9-10, 2001, Berlin, Germany. aka / IOS Press / infix, 2001, ISBN 3-89838-027-0
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EFIS 2000: Dublin, Ireland

Mark Roantree, Wilhelm Hasselbring, Stefan Conrad (Eds.): Engineering Federated Information Systems, Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop EFIS 2000, June 19-20, 2000, Dublin, Ireland. IOS Press / infix, 2000, ISBN 3-89838-018-1
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EFIS 1999: Kühlungsborn, Germany

Stefan Conrad, Wilhelm Hasselbring, Gunter Saake (Eds.): Engineering Dederated Information Systems, Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop EFIS'99, May 5-7, 1999, Kühlungsborn, Germany. Infix, Sankt Augustin, 1999, ISBN 3-89601-013-1

EFDBS 1997 (CAiSE Workshop): Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Stefan Conrad, Wilhelm Hasselbring, Andreas Heuer, Gunter Saake (Eds.): Engineering Federated Database Systems EFDBS'97, Proceedings of the International CAiSE'97 Workshop, Barcelona, June 16-17, 1997. Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Fakultät für Informatik, Preprint Nr. 6, 1997
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