ECOOP Workshops 1998

I. The 8th Workshop for PhD Students in Object-Oriented Systems

II. Techniques, Tools and Formalisms for Capturing and Assessing the Architectural Quality in Object-Oriented Software

III. Experiences in Object-Oriented Re-Engineering

IV. Object-Oriented Software Architectures

V. Third International Workshop on Component-Oriented Programming (WCOP '98)

VI. Second ECOOP Workshop on Precise Behavioral Semantics

VII. Tools and Environments for Business Rules

VIII. Object-Oriented Business Process Modelling

IX. Object-Oriented Product Metrics for Software Quality Assessment

X. ECOOP Workshop on Distributed Object Security

XI. 4th ECOOP Workshop on Mobility: Secure Internet Mobile Computations

XII. 3rd Workshop on Mobility and Replication

XIII. Learning and Teaching Objects Successfully

XIV. ECOOP'98 Workshop on Reflective Object-Oriented Programming and Systems

XV. Aspect Oriented Programming

XVI. Parallel Objecty-Oriented Scientific Computing

XVII. Automating the Object-Oriented Development Process

XVIII. Object-Oriented Technology and Real-Time Systems

XIX. Demonstrations

XX. Posters