19. ECAI 2010: Lisbon, Portugal

Session 1A. Propositional Logic

Session 1B. Description Logics & Ontologies

Session 1C. Cooperation

Session 1D. Diagnosis & Discovery

Session 1E. Argumentation & Dialogue

Session 1F. Learning-Based Applications (PAIS)

Session 2A. Robotics & Autonomous Systems

Session 2B. Coalitions & Teams

Session 2C. Planning

Session 2D. Uncertainty - Bayesian Methods

Session 2E. Preference Modelling & Aggregation

Session 2F. Biology and Nature-Related Applications (PAIS)

Session 3A. Clustering & Classification

Session 3B. Planning

Session 3C. Reinforcement Learning

Session 3D. Negotiation & Allocation

Session 3F. Adaptive Systems (PAIS)

Session 4A. Machine Learning - Kernel Methods

Session 4B. Planning

Session 4C. Description Logics & Ontologies

Session 4D. Natural Language Processing & Information Retrieval

Session 4E. Logical Foundations of MAS

Session 4F. Auctions & Trading Systems

Session 5A. Trust & Recommendation

Session 5B. Belief Revision, Update & Merging

Session 5C. Belief-Desire-Intention Architectures

Session 5D. Applications

Session 5E. Processes & Stochastic Models

Session 6A. Logical Foundations of KR

Session 6B. Search & Heuristics

Session 6C. Natural Language Processing

Session 6D. Machine Learning & Data Mining

Session 6E. Clustering & Classification

Session 6F. Constraints

Session 7A. Action, Time, and Change

Session 7B. Foundations of Logical Reasoning

Session 7C. Neural Nets

Session 7D. Origins of Language

Session 7E. Uncertainty in AI

Session 7F. Logic & Answer Set Programming

Short Papers