Data Base Workshops

Formal Methods in Databases and Software Engineering 1992: Montreal, Canada

PRISMA Workshop 1990: Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Pierre America (Ed.): Parallel Database Systems, PRISMA Workshop, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, September 24-26, 1990, Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 503, Springer, 1991, ISBN 3-540-54132-2

Dortmund, Germany, 1988

Islamorada, USA, 1985

Michael L. Brodie, John Mylopoulos (Eds.): On Knowledge Base Management Systems: Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Database Technologies, Book resulting from the Islamorada Workshop 1985. Springer, 1986, Topics in Information Systems, ISBN 3-540-96382-0

Xania, Crete, Greece, 1985

Joachim W. Schmidt, Costantino Thanos (Eds.): Foundations of Knowledge Base Management: Contributions from Logic, Databases, and Artificial Intelligence, Book resulting from the Xania Workshop 1985. Springer, 1989, Topics in Information Systems, ISBN 3-540-18987-4

Appin, UK, 1985

Malcolm P. Atkinson, Peter Buneman, Ronald Morrison (Eds.): Data Types and Persistence, Book resulting from the Appin Workshop August 1985. Springer, 1988, Topics in Information Systems, ISBN 3-540-18785-5

Intervale, NH, USA, 1982

Michael L. Brodie, John Mylopoulos, Joachim W. Schmidt (Eds.): On Conceptual Modelling, Perspectives from Artificial Intelligence, Databases, and Programming Languages, Book resulting from the Intervale Workshop 1982. Springer, 1984, Topics in Information Systems, ISBN 3-540-90842-0

Pingree Park, CO, USA, 1980

Michael L. Brodie, Stephen N. Zilles (Eds.): Proceedings of the Workshop on Data Abstraction, Databases and Conceptual Modelling, Pingree Park, Colorado, June 23-26, 1980. SIGART Newsletter 74 (January 1981), SIGMOD Record 11(2) (February 1981), SIGPLAN Notices 16(1) (January 1981), ACM Press, ISBN 0-89791-031-1

Datenbanken in Rechnernetzen mit Kleinrechnern 1978: Karlsruhe, Germany

Data Base Design Techniques, 1978/1979

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