CHI 2010: Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Exploratory search

Making meaning in large displays


Organizations and communities

Privacy awareness and attitudes

Social support for cancer patients


Games and players

Interfaces and visualization

Language 2.0

Market models for Q&A services

Mobile device interaction

Privacy behaviors

The age of searching

The infrastructure problem in HCI

Computing on the body

Dance, dust, and drama: designing design

End-user programming I

Organizing and organizations

Performance, stagecraft, and magic

Speech and touch

Writing in the real world

At home with computing


End-user programming II

HCI and India

Sharing in social media

Tactile interaction

User characteristics and large-scale tracking

Brains and brawn

Gesturing and drawing

Medical exploration

Sense and sustainability

Sharing content and searches


Understanding and supporting programming

Avatars and virtual environments

Crisis informatics

Input, security, and privacy policies

Seniors using technologies

Tangible UI

Understanding comments

Caring for ourselves


Driving, interrupted

HCI for all

Interaction techniques

Machine learning and web interactions

Pointing and selecting

Bang a table

Expressing and understanding opinions in social media

Humans and sociability

Looking with video

Pixels and perception



Classroom technologies

Devising input


Interactions in the world

Sound and speech

Using your social network

Working with medical records

Bikes and buses

Death and fear

Earth, wind, and flyer

Medical data

Social media users

Subtle expressions through sound and text

Tools affecting the enterprise

Mapping the landscape of sustainable HCI

Home eco behavior

On the phone